In Search of the Sublime

  • 12th May 2021

In Search of the Sublime is a 44 minute BBC 3 radio feature.


As the Alps undergo visible changes due to climate warming, the programme follows Emma to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France. Highlighting how the Mont Blanc region has a long history of science, alpine climbing and artistic pursuit, it is now undergoing dramatic glacier retreat due to climate warming.  Whilst conducting her own fieldwork in Chamonix, Emma explores the rich history of British landscape artists who came to the region in search of the Sublime. In the 21st-century, Emma argues, we can no longer look out on nature with assurance, due to a critically changing climate; we are now firmly situated within the danger. The programme proposes that the emotional power of art can be used to move hearts and minds when science alone cannot.

Aired - 5/12/2021 18.45

Producers: Victoria Ferren and Susan Marling | Executive producer Sara Jane Hall