• 10th May 2024 to 2nd June 2024
  • Cristea Roberts Gallery, London, UK.

Tracing Absence brings together works by several artists who find reflection in empty spaces where human presence is silently implied. 


Abandoned objects, rooms and buildings, empty roads and lonely horizons become ambiguous scenes, to which only a trace of life that came before or after is alluded. Depictions of interiors by Patrick Caulfield, Paul Winstanley, Hurvin Anderson and Paul Noble are pointedly devoid of people. In their works a sense of melancholy, or in the case of Noble, urgency, pervades the human story that is hinted at having unfolded. Stepping outside, works by Christiane Baumgartner, Emma Stibbon and Clare Woods present vast landscapes and horizons that have been shaped and marked by human activity.

  • 9th May 2024 to 15th September 2024
  • Towner Gallery, Devonshire Park, College Rd, Eastbourne BN21 4JJ

I am pleased to announce Towner Eastbourne is presenting my first solo exhibition in a major UK institution. Melting Ice | Rising Tides looks at the warming environment of the polar regions and the impact this is ultimately having on the changing UK coastline. For a number of years I have been observing and recording the precariousness of the polar ice sheets and glaciers and the profound effect that ice melt is having on global sea level rise.  

The exhibition will feature Cliff Fall, 2023, a monumental wall drawing and installation representing the rock falls that are an...
  • 9th September 2023 to 21st October 2023
  • Safnahús Vestmannaeyja, Iceland

The exhibition A Meeting with Eldfellmarks the 50th anniversary of the volcano’s birth in 1973. Throughout its short geologic life, Eldfell and the story of its eruption has inspired people around the world. They have approached the volcano from their own perspectives, to get to know and sense this remarkable place. The exhibition brings together work from over twenty Icelandic and international artists, writers and researchers exploring Eldfell; alongside significant scientific and archival material such as the first seismogram indicating the eruption, volcanic core samples and...

  • 13th March 2023 to 15th May 2023
  • University of San Diego, Humanities Center Gallery, USA

Following a residency in Death Valley in 2019 Emma Stibbon made a body of drawings and prints that look at the deserts and infinite horizons of the American Southwest. This is the first survey of the artist’s work made in the Californian desert.

A conversation between Emma Stibbon and Derrick Cartwright, Associate Professor and Director of University Galleries is recorded in the booklet Desert Sublime. 


To view the Desert Sublime booklet as a PDF please click here.

  • 10th December 2022 to 25th March 2023
  • Chippenham Museum, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK.

The exhibition showcases contemporary printmaking and The Ink on Paper Press, founded in Wiltshire by artist and editioner Amy-Jane Blackhall in 2015. All the works featured in the exhibition were printed at The Ink on Paper Press. Works included by Emma Stibbon, Ann Christopher, Celia Cook, Ian Chamberlain, and the late Michael Pennie. All of the prints on show were recently acquired through the Golder-Thompson Gift to Chippenham Museum in Memory of Arthur Norman. Accompanying catalogue available.


  • 5th November 2022 to 14th January 2023
  • Galerie Bastian, Taylorstraße 1, 14195 Berlin, Germany

Vanishing Point presents a body of watercolours, ink drawings and prints by Emma Stibbon exploring both the elemental forces that shape landscape, and the impact of human intervention and its traces. The exhibitionfocuses on the constructed, built landscape carrying the weight of history, set against a rapidly changing Polar environment. The work infers both the narrowing focus of a historical perspective and the literal disappearance of the Polar ice caps.  


Photo credit:Xinru Hu

Image credit: Emma Stibbon,...

  • 8th October 2022 to 11th June 2023
  • Royal Academy of Arts, The Collection Gallery, Burlington Gardens, London, UK.

A focused display in the Collection Gallery Cabinet centres around Emma Stibbon’s large-scale woodcut Collapsed Whaling Station, Deception Island, Antarctica. Drawn to environments that have been shaped by both the elemental forces of nature and the impact of human endeavour, Stibbon’s woodcut is accompanied by a selection of prints, drawings and photographs that resonate with this theme and highlight how ruination, extreme conditions and the fragility of place have long been a source of inspiration for artists. Collapsed Whaling Station, Deception Island, Antarctica is Stibbon’s...

  • 9th July 2022 to 11th September 2022
  • Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, BS8 1PX, UK.

Earth: Digging Deep in British Art 1781 – 2022 is a major exhibition spanning four centuries of artwork. Earth examines how attitudes towards landscape have evolved over the centuries and how artists approaches have changed over time; from the pastoral idylls of the 18thcentury, through representations of the Romantic Sublime, to present-day confrontations of the climate emergency.  

Exhibiting artists: Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Samuel John Lamorna Birch, William Blake, Mary Buckland, Edward Calvert, Edward Chell, George Clausen, John Constable, Edward William Cooke, John Sell Cotman,...

  • 13th February 2022 to 18th May 2022
  • Villa Merkel Galerien der Stadt Esslingen am Neckar Pulverwiesen 25 73726 Esslingen am Neckar Germany

The group exhibition brings together contemporary positions on the theme of ice. From landscapes of romantic yearning, scientific approaches through to the history of ice cream, the exhibition presents  a wide spectrum of works. The subject however, acquires a new and disconcerting impact in view of climate change and the global impact of disappearing ice at the North and South Poles.

Participating artists: Valentino Biagio Berndt and Marlon Lanziner, Marja Helander, Anastasia Mityukova, Carsten Nicolai, Emma Stibbon, Fridolin Walther and Jun Yang.

  • 13th November 2021 to 24th April 2022
  • Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, UK.

The exhibition and accompanying book chart how Britain emerged from the post-war years and thrived in the early 1960s, navigated the social changes of the 1970s and 1980s, and saw the ascendency of contemporary British art from the 1990s to the present day. From wood engravings and etchings to lithographs and screenprints, printmaking enabled artists to expand their practice and explore new creative possibilities. Showcasing a wide range of artists, styles and techniques, this exhibition celebrated the upsurge of printmaking from the 1960s to the present day. The works in the exhibition...

  • 12th May 2021

In Search of the Sublime is a 44 minute BBC 3 radio feature.


As the Alps undergo visible changes due to climate warming, the programme follows Emma to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France. Highlighting how the Mont Blanc region has a long history of science, alpine climbing and artistic pursuit, it is now undergoing dramatic glacier retreat due to climate warming.  Whilst conducting her own fieldwork in Chamonix, Emma explores the rich history of British landscape artists who came to the region in search of the Sublime. In the 21st-century, Emma argues, we can no longer...

  • 3rd October 2020 to 1st November 2020

The immersive drawing 'Wild Fire' was installed at the Centre of Gravity, a group exhibition at Soapworks in Bristol. For the exhibition Emma Stibbon created a five metre wide wall drawing ‘Wild Fire’ depicting the aftermath of a forest fire. Drawn in charcoal, partially recovered from a recent forest fire in Wareham, Dorset, her monumental drawing includes 3D elements of salvaged burnt conifers.

In 2019 the UK had more wildfires than any year on record and these are getting more frequent – a stark reminder that with climate warming uncontrolled forest fires are now increasing...

  • 14th September 2020

The short film 'Drawing Matters' highlights the central role drawing plays in Stibbon’s art and practice. Her editions start life as drawings made whilst traveling before being worked up in the studio and turned into plates. Stibbon's talents as a print maker lie in her ability to capture the fluidity and spontaneity of her drawing practice within the printed surface. This online exhibition showcases the beauty and dynamism of these works alongside the drawings that inspired them.

Visit the online viewing room here

View the video here

  • 14th July 2020

Cristea Roberts present two new prints by Emma Stibbon, alongside recent graphic works, depicting some of the most environmentally vulnerable parts of the world. In September 2019 Emma Stibbon undertook a residency in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, situated in the Arctic Ocean. A short film accompanies the Viewing Room. Stibbon’s residency at Artica studio, Longyearbyen, Svalbard was supported by The Queen Sonia Print Award.

Click here to access the Viewing Room

Click here to see the video

  • 22nd April 2020

The Big Draw announces Emma Stibbon RA as The Big Draw's newest Patron. In 2020 The Big Green Draw Festival #ClimateOfChange focuses on the relationship between people and our living environments and ecosystems. In celebration of #EarthDay2020 the Big Draw have created a short film with Emma where she demonstrates using one of her favourite drawing mediums, indian ink, and talks about her practice.

You can view the video by clicking here

You can read the interview with Emma on the Big Draw website by clicking here

  • 14th November 2019 to 21st December 2019

Solo Exhibition: Rabley Drawing Centre

Exhibition celebrating twenty five-years of Emma Stibbon printmaking career. Launch of a new monograph book on Emma Stibbon’s printed work. 


Publication available to purchase:


  • 29th March 2019 to 5th October 2019
Touring exhibition: York Art Gallery and Abbot Hall Art Gallery

To celebrate Ruskin's 200th birthday the exhibition reveals Ruskin's response to Turner's vision, together with his own experience of close looking at weather patterns, mountains and the built environment. In showing Ruskin's and Turner's influence today amongst contemporary artists, the exhibition displays a series of large drawings by Emma Stibbon. In June 2018 Stibbon retraced the steps of Turner and Ruskin visiting the Alps, taking the route made by Ruskin in June 1854 where he produced a series of daguerreotypes of Alpine...
  • 15th June 2019 to 1st September 2019

Group exhibition: Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

The exhibition traces the representation of fire in British art across the last four centuries; exploring the symbolism and meaning the element has had for artists throughout history.


  • 3rd July 2019 to 31st July 2019

Solo exhibition: Cristea Roberts Gallery, London

The exhibition documents Stibbon's fieldwork and journeys that have taken her from the frozen extremes of Antarctica to volatile landscapes, such as Hawai'i, which have been shaped by volcanic activity . Sketches made during her travels and ephemera will be displayed alongside drawing and prints made in Stibbon's studio. The exhibition marks the release of a book of the same name published by the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Cristea Roberts Gallery

  • 1st June 2019 to 13th November 2019

Group exhibition: Kunsthalle Rostock 

An exhibition documenting the Palace of the Republic, the seat of the GDR's Volskammer and public cultural centre that was controversially demolished in 2006 to 2008. The exhibition uses a variety of approaches including a display of contemporary art, to open up public discourse on a shared memory. 

Kunsthalle Rostock

  • 6th March 2019 to 30th June 2019

Group exhibition: Sprengel Museum, Hannover

An exhibition of four artists who deal with the topic of nature and organic structures. Work spans from the shimmering wood prints by Christiane Baumgartner, to delicate, surreal watercolors by Anke Röhrscheid, obscure plant pictures by Miron Schmückle to exploratory ink drawings and prints by Emma Stibbon. 

Sprengel Museum

  • 2nd September 2017 to 30th September 2017

Solo exhibition: Cristea Roberts Gallery

'Volcano' features large drawings and a monumental woodcut and explores the dynamic terrain of volcanic landscape. The work is made in response to Stibbon's residency on the rim of one of the world’s most active volcanoes where she was artist in residence at Hawai’i...

  • 28th April 2017 to 8th July 2017

Solo exhibition: Galerie Bastian, Berlin

An exhibition of large-scale drawings and prints, based on Stibbon’s field observations of volcanic features in volatile environments; flows of molten rock, eruptions, steam vents and fault zones. The remarkable power and scale of this environment presents a dangerous beauty.  In her drawings Stibbon adds volcanic ash, gathered in the field, to her media. By linking the physical and metaphorical dimension to materials, she considers how they have properties of their own and the connection between process and place.

Galerie Bastian

  • 11th June 2015 to 5th September 2019
Solo exhibtion: The Polar Museum, Cambridge

An exhibition of drawings and prints from Stibbon’s recent fieldtrip to the Antarctic Peninsula as artist placement with the Scott Polar Research Institute and the Royal Navy, and a later trip to Svalbard in the High Arctic with thearcticcircle.org. Stibbon’s work represents glaciers and ice shelves as symbols of change and transition. Triggered by recent scientific assessments showing increased instability in the Polar ice sheets, Stibbon’s observations of vast, icy expanses provokes the viewer to consider the beauty and ultimate frailty of...