Solo Exhibition - Melting Ice | Rising Tides at Towner Gallery

  • 9th May 2024 to 15th September 2024
  • Towner Gallery, Devonshire Park, College Rd, Eastbourne BN21 4JJ

I am pleased to announce Towner Eastbourne is presenting my first solo exhibition in a major UK institution. Melting Ice | Rising Tides looks at the warming environment of the polar regions and the impact this is ultimately having on the changing UK coastline. For a number of years I have been observing and recording the precariousness of the polar ice sheets and glaciers and the profound effect that ice melt is having on global sea level rise.  

The exhibition will feature Cliff Fall, 2023, a monumental wall drawing and installation representing the rock falls that are an increasingly common occurrence on the UK coastline. Alongside it will be shown a selection of new large-scale drawings and prints made in response to recent field trips to Svalbard in the High Arctic, the Weddell Sea, Antarctica and the Sussex coastline. Melting Ice/Rising Tides will be a culmination of this work, making connections between the apparent remote extremes and our more local environment.  The exhibition’s narrative around coastal movement and erosion explores the beauty and fragility of our planet.